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The Clinic for Neurology at Heilig Geist Hospital in Cologne diagnoses and treats diseases of the brain, spinal cord, muscles and peripheral nervous System.

These also include neurological emergencies such as strokes and meningitis, but also chronic diseases such as inflammation of the nervous system (e.g. GBS, multiple sclerosis or neuroborreliosis), Parkinson’s disease, dementia and neurodegenerative diseases, headache disorders and chronic pain, vertigo attacks, brain tumours or diseases of the muscles. The treatment of epilepsy is also included, for an epileptic attack is an acute neurological emergency; with frequent attacks over a longer period of time, however, it is also considered a chronic seizure disorder.

Particular specialities of our neurological department are the treatment of strokes, multiple sclerosis (MS) and epilepsy. We guarantee optimal patient care with the most up-to-date scientific knowledge through special facilities such as our ultra-modern, certified stroke unit or the MS outpatient clinic certified by the DGMS, as well as through our highly qualified staff.

For diagnostics we offer all modern examination procedures such as cerebrospinal fluid diagnostics, electroencephalography, electromyography and electroneurography, evoked potentials, Doppler and duplex ultrasonography (ultrasound examination) of the brain and neck vessels as well as muscles and nerves.

The care of patients with severe illness is guaranteed by the interdisciplinary intensive careunit and by the stroke unit for stroke patients.

Besides the importance of having the most modern diagnostics and a broad spectrum of therapeutic procedures available, the quality of life of our patients is very important to us, especially of those with chronic or incurable diseases.

  • strokes

  • multiple sclerosis

  • epilepsy

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • dementia and neurodegenerative diseases

  • neurodiagnostics of muscles and nerves

  • movement disorders and botulinum toxin therapy




Head of Department


PD Dr. med. Lothar Burghaus

Specialist in neurology, epilepsy, movement disorders   

Secretary’s office

Margit Schulz

Phone +49 221 7491-8421
Fax +49 221 7491-8912

Susanne Dunkel

Phone +49 221 7491-8093
Fax +49 221 7491-8912




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