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Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology

The Clinic for Internal Medicine at Heilig Geist Hospital covers the whole diagnostic and therapeutic spectrum of internal medicine. With our highly modern diagnostic and therapy equipment, we offer our patients the very best in diagnostics and treatment.  

In addition to the general internistic treatment options available, the Clinic for Internal Medicine at Heilig Geist Hospital also specialises in various branches of internal medicine. Nowadays, such specialisations are just as important as comprehensive general knowledge in internal medicine.

We specialise in the treatment of:

  • gastro-intestinal diseases (gastroenterology)

  • diseases of the lungs and bronchia (pneumology)

  • heart, circulatory and vascular diseases (cardiology/angiology)

  • diabetes (diabetology)

  • medical ultrasonics


With this we can offer examinations and treatments to our patients who often suffer from more than one disease.

Chronic and acute kidney diseases are of course also a part of our treatment spectrum in the Clinic for Internal Medicine. Through collaboration with a special nephrology outpatient clinic with a dialysis unit on the grounds of Heilig Geist Hospital, we are in the advantageous position of having direct contact persons available in case of particular problems.

Patients with non-benign tumours can be examined in accordance with prevailing standards. After being presented and discussed in the interdisciplinary tumour board review, patients can, to a certain extent, receive chemotherapy in close co-operation with the Cologne University Hospital oncology centre.

For patients with abdominal discomfort of uncertain origin, we have established our own inter-disciplinary abdominal centre. In close co-operation with the neighbouring St. Vinzenz-Hospital we also offer cardiac catheter examinations as well as electrophysiological examinations. We also co-operate with further hospitals as well as sleep laboratories.

Furthermore we offer our patients the possibility of autologous blood transfusions, the opportunity of visiting support groups or participation in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

The Clinic for Internal Medicine – gastroenterology and general internal medicine is certified by DEGUM (German Association for Ultrasound in Medicine to perform ultrasounds.




Head of Department

Dr. Jürgen Tudyka

Specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology






Secretary’s office

Secretary’s office

Claudia Fuchs

Phone +49 221 7491-8271
Fax +49 221 7491-8411

Maria Mani

Phone +49 221 7491-8097
Fax +49 221 7491-8411




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