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Gynaecology and Obstetrics

The Departement of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at Heilig Geist Hospital is responsible for the diagnosis and therapy of diseases of the pelvic floor and breast in the field of gynaecology. Our unit is highly modernly equipped for gynaecological diagnostics and therapy. For the optimal care of our female patients we have numerous state-of-the-art methods and equipment at our disposal. In each individual case we decide if a surgery is required, or if the patient can be treated in a conservative way.

Our scope of services in gynaecology:

  • ultrasound and Doppler ultrasonography procedures for the assessment of benign and malignant changes of the breasts and genitalia.
  • all modern surgical and conservative gynaecological treatment methods of the female genitalia and breasts
  • outpatient surgeries
  • endoscopic and minimally invasive procedures, e.g. hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) and ovarian interventions
  • plastic surgery of the breasts, abdominal region, and external genital region
  • all prolapse and urinary incontinence surgeries, e.g. TVT (a procedure carried out without an abdominal incision and under local anaesthesia to treat bladder weakness)
  • collaboration with other speciality departments at Heilig Geist Hospital Continence Centre
  • outpatient chemotherapy

Our obstetrics department has always had an excellent reputation. Per year, approximately 900 pregnant women make use of the services of our dedicated and competent delivery nurses, doctors and nurses in the obstetrics department.

Our scope of services in obstetrics:

  • all medical, natural, and alternative methods of childbirth (for both in and outpatients
  • delivery on a delivery table, on a birthing stool or a birthing cushion
  • water births with the possibility of continuous CTG monitoring
  • delivery room with gymnastics ball, birthing mats and a sling
  • labour room with home-like ambience
  • delivery room tours available without prior registration on every first and third Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m.
  • inpatient monitoring of problematic pregnancies
  • integrative post-natal care: holistic assistance and care of mother and child, e.g. by offering instructions on breast-feeding and changing nappie, confinement and post-natal gymnastics or nutrition of the newborn baby
  • pre and post-natal care
  • family room
  • care of the newborn by experienced paediatricians/neonatologists of the paediatric clinic on Amsterdamer Strasse




Head of Department

Dr. Claudius Fridrich

Specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics

Speciality: gynaecological oncology


Secretary’s office

Patricia Link

Phone +49 221 7491-8289
Fax +49 221 7491-8052

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