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Anaesthesia - Intensive Care Medicine - Pain Therapy

The Clinic for Anaesthesia, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Therapy at Heilig Geist Hospital offers various general and local anaesthetic procedures of the most modern standards during surgery as well as diagnostic interventions for patients from all departments. The form of anaesthesia used depends mainly on the type of intervention. We make this decision in close co-operation with the surgeon. In doing so, we consider the wishes of the patient as far as possible.

Whilst we carry out small procedures in the area of the skin under local anaesthesia, larger, more stressful interventions often require general anaesthesia. Further options are conductive anaesthesia with selective blocking of nerve tracts in one region of the body or blocking pain transmission in the spinal cord region, such as the well-known epidural anaesthesia (PDA) in obstetrics.

Another important task of the Clinic for Anaesthesia is the treatment of acute or chronic pain (analgesia). Nowadays medicine has numerous ways of relieving pain and of sparing the patient needless pain. Tumour patients in particular rely on constant pain-relieving treatment. 

The general pain therapy of our inpatients is carried out according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization and also includes invasive methods, particularly in tumour patients. We thus treat more than 1,000 patients per year with epidural catheters following surgery. The thin synthetic flexible tube (catheter) is inserted under local anaesthesia into the patient’s back as far as the vertebral column, shortly before the actual spinal cord. The medicine dispensed through the catheter works on the nerve tissue, thus relieving pain.

Another major task of the Clinic for Anaesthesia is the organisational management of the interdisciplinary intensive care unit with 12 beds including percutaneous tracheotomy, invasive haemodynamic monitoring (PiCCO) and renal replacement therapy (CVVHDF). For this purpose, one of our anaesthetists is present in the intensive care unit at all times. The monitoring of patients on long-term ventilation takes place according to secured scientific criteria at a high international standard.

Scope of services

  • general and regional anaesthesia

  • pain therapy

  • organisational management of the interdisciplinary intensive care unit

  • epidural anaesthesia for pain reduction during child birth

  • interdisciplinary pain conference

  • outpatient department for autologous blood transfusion




Head of Department

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